Interactive Development

Design, prototyping, and construction of 3D apps & Websites

Augmented REality App: Cuterus

Why not use the novelty of technology and a dose of humor to teach young women about their bodies?

 Graduate Research: ATlas of Odontogenic Pathways of Infection

Establishing learning goals, designing the UI/UX, and programming an interactive application of delicate craniofacial spaces and their complex relationships with over one hundred surrounding structures.

High-fidelity website design

An exercise in conceptualizing and planning a website that can be realistically coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Visualization & Asset Creation

A blend of 3D/2D assets for posters, handouts, and infographics

Life cycle of the starry-eyed crab

How do you engage young audiences with science? Make it pretty, of course. A life cycle poster about a common household pet meant to intrigue young viewers.

Acetylation of Pyruvate Kinase M2

Breaking down the fundamental aspects of cutting-edge research about cell metabolism and cancer for undergraduate scientists.

Mechanisms of Active Camouflage

Beyond chameleons, what other creatures use active camouflage, and how are they different from another? How can we utilize infographics and 3D assets to engage an audience?

Step-By-Step Inhaler guide

Redesign of a single-page patient handout for usage of a common inhaler with low health-literacy individuals in mind.

Gallstones in the Common Bile Duct

A technical exercise in visualizing a complex area of anatomy for a journal cover, showcasing an area usually buried under many other structures.