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About Kelly

I love making science and medicine look nice, and I never shy away from a technical challenge. It’s a personal goal to push the gauntlet of what’s possible with modern technology, and pioneer new methodologies for how we deliver biomedical content. I’m always excited to dive into a project where I have to learn new topics, software, and techniques as I go.

My love for visualization started very young with my Playstation 1 and all the “cutting edge” video game graphics of the 1990’s. As an avid gamer to this day, I am constantly captivated by the way the gaming industry has revolutionized all aspects of interactive technology, and it is my goal to take lessons from the most profitable entertainment industry and apply them to health and medicine.

Before I found my calling as an interactive developer for medicine and science, I harbored a deep fascination for STEM fields, which led me to pursue my undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Heidelberg University. While I loved learning the material, I found that labwork wasn’t necessarily my speed, and that left me seeking out something different after graduation. I had always been an artist, just as I had always loved playing with technology, but could never figure out how to pull it all together. When I discovered the Biomedical Visualization Master’s program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I knew I’d found the right place. It is the perfect blend of my passions for science, technology, and art.

Outside of work, I am a runner, writer, and a cat mom. I continue drawing for fun and spend some time moonlighting as an indie game developer with a handful of amazing people I met during my master’s program.